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Following is important information for Jupiter Bay Owners:

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The Association

The Jupiter Bay Condominium Association is organized as a not-for-profit corporation under Florida Statute Title XXXVI, Chapter 617.  It is a multicondominium association, consisting of a master association and eight individual associations -- Jupiter Bay East, West A, West B, West C, West D, West E, West F and Plantation Villas.  The Association's 359 units are divided among the eight individual associations as follows:
135 Units - East
 32 Units - West A
 32 Units - West B
 32 Units - West C
 32 Units - West D
 32 Units - West E
 32 Units - West F
 32 Units - Villas

There are 14 buildings in total - 5 two-story, 6 four-story and 3 five-story.

We have a single five-member Board of Directors who are responsible for the entire complex.

Leasing of Units

Download Guest / Lease Registration Form:
  • A Guest/Lease Registration Form is required for the leasing and non-owner occupancy of any Jupiter Bay Condominium.  This form must be submitted to the Association Office prior to a guest's/renter's occupancy of a unit.  Upon receipt of a Registration Form, the Office will issue, directly to the guest/renter, a parking pass valid for the lease period.  Renters occupying a Unit without a valid Registration Form and Parking Pass are considered "illegal occupants' and their vehicles are subject to towing.  For further information on the leasing of our units, please refer to the "Leasing" page of this website.

Adobe PDF Version

MS Word Version

Insurance Claim Form

Download Insurance Claim Form:
  • If you have suffered a loss inside your unit, please report the loss to your Unit owner's HO-6 carrier.  In addition, please complete the information on the following Insurance Claim Form and provide it to the Association Management Office.  The Office will forward a copy of this form to the Association's Insurance carrier for their review for any coverage under our master policy.

Adobe PDF Version

MS Word Version

Unit Transfer of Responsibility Form

Download Unit Transfer of Responsibility Form:
  • For units in which property management is delegated to an agent, the Association must receive an original, signed and notarized, Unit Transfer (Assignment) of Responsibility document from the owner stipulating the nature of the management arrangement.  The document must specify whether the agent is responsible for property maintenance, payment of assessments, or both; and it must say who the Association should contact in the event of an issue or emergency involving the unit.

Adobe PDF Version

MS Word Version

Estoppel Certificates

Download Estoppel Certificate Form:
  • Estoppel Certificates can be mailed or emailed to the Association Office in care of the Property Manager.  The Office address and Property Manager's email address are found on the "Contact Us" page of this website.

Adobe PDF Version

MS Word Version

Q & A Sheet

  • The Florida Condominium Act requires both developer-controlled associations and unit-owner controlled associations to prepare a list of “Frequently Asked Questions and Answers” (commonly referred to as a “Q&A Sheet”).  The Sheet must be provided to a prospective purchaser of a condominium unit in connection with resales of a unit.  Following is a link to Jupiter Bay's Q&A Sheet.

Click here to download Q & A Sheet

Owner Information Sheet

Download Owner Information Sheet:

  • The following link contains the form for providing Owner Information Updates.  Whenever you change your permanent address, phone number(s) or email address, please complete this form and send it to the Association Management Office.

Adobe PDF Version

MS Word Version

Selling of Units

Download Sales Application:
  • In purchasing a Jupiter Bay Condominium unit, the applicant must complete a Sales Application.  The process of transferring a unit’s ownership begins when a Sales Contract and Sales Application, properly and completely filled out, is provided to the Association office at least fourteen (14) days prior to closing.  In response, the Association will prepare a Certificate of Approval and estoppel document.

Adobe PDF Version

MS Word Version

Hurricane Preparedness & Recovery

Download Condominium Unit Damage Survey:
  • Florida's hurricane season runs from June 1st until November 30th, and it's important that we prepare for the eventuality of another hurricane impacting our community.

  • Following is Jupiter Bay's Hurricane Preparedness & Recovery Plan.  It provides information for both homeowners and office staff on preparing for and recovering from a hurricane.  Storm-related terminology is defined and emergency contact numbers are listed.  Tasks/responsibilities for closing down the property in preparation for a hurricane and documenting post-hurricane damage are provided, including checklists and a condominium owner form for documenting unit damage.

  • Jupiter Bay homeowners need to take necessary preparations for the possibility of a hurricane.  Following is a sample list of Hurricane Supplies, provided by the Palm Beach Post, for assisting in hurricane preparedness:

Adobe PDF Version

MS Word Version

Click here to download Hurricane Preparedness & Recovery Plan


Click here to Download Hurricane Supply List

Jupiter Bay Website

  • The Website's purpose is to provide condominium owners helpful information to: keep them informed of Association activities, enhance community spirit, increase transparency, and promote inclusiveness of all owners.

Administrative Costs

  • The Management Office provides limited special administrative services for Jupiter Bay owners according to the following fee structure (payment must be made in advance):

$2.00 per Page
$1.00 per Page
Official Letters of any Type (insurance, sprinkler system, etc.)
Condominium Documents
Estoppel Letter or Condo Questionnaire
Checking/Inspection of any Unit


Printing of Airline Boarding Pass
Miscellaneous Items
Replacement Pool Key
$25.00 / $50.00