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As of November 2016 Jupiter Bay has a Strategic Plan.

Following is the results of the Association's strategic planning activities. Contact the BOD or Association Office for more information.


Building a Better Jupiter Bay
Mission - Vision - Values



Maintain and improve Jupiter Bay to the delight of its members while adhering to the Association documents and Florida Condominium Statutes.


 An enhanced lifestyle for the members of Jupiter Bay.


  • Transparency — sharing information with no secrets

  • Member Involvement — encouraging member participation

  • Integrity — adhering to the highest ethical standards

  • Responsiveness — to the members of the Community

  • Communication — with all who have a vested interest in the Community

  • Innovation — by fostering creativity

  • Accountability — for our actions



The Strategic Plan


The Strategic Planning Committee presented a draft Strategic Plan to the Jupiter Bay Condominium Association's Board of Directors on September 8th, 2016.  The Plan includes 72 short-term and 25 long-term Action Plans addressing the 12 Strategic Goals.

The following link provides a complete copy of the Draft Strategic Plan, and the form below it allows comments on the various sections of the Plan.


Download a Complete Copy of the Draft Strategic Plan

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Strategic Planning Committee Appointment


The Board of Directors of the Jupiter Bay Condominium Association has voted to officially appoint an Advisory Committee to assist the Board in establishing Strategic and Tactical plans for the Association. These plans will define the long-range and intermediate-range respectively direction for Jupiter Bay. The plans are important in enabling the Association and Board to most effectively meet their responsibilities to the owners of Jupiter Bay. The plans will:

  • Facilitate our decision-making,
  • Govern and guide our operations,
  • Establish a framework or assuring proper prioritizing of competing projects,
  • Influence budgets and the allocation of scarce resources,
  • Set our direction, assuring a more desirable future state, and
  • Benefit the overall best interests of a diverse JBCA community.

The committee’s purpose will be to utilize the three core components (mission, vision and values) established by the Board, and develop a structured program to effect positive change within the Community, including:

  • Defining the Association’s current state/condition including positive and negative factors;
  • Elaborating on our Vision by describing the details of a preferred future state that improves the lifestyles of the Association’s members and the value of their Community investments;
  • Identifying strategies for achieving the described future state – i.e., how do we get from where we are to where we want to be?
  • Establishing short and long-term goals and objectives supporting these strategies;
  • Identifying specific actions/projects/tactics – who, what, where, how, when;
  • Specifying project funding and resourcing; and
  • Defining approach for measuring/tracking results/outcomes.

The committee will be led by Daryl Kosloske and staffed with 6 to 8 Association member volunteers. The Committee’s deliverables, due by yearend 2016, are comprehensive Strategic and Tactical Plans that set the future (1 to 3 year) direction for the Jupiter Bay Condominium Association.  The Plans will contain a:

  1. Consensus documentation of the Association’s current and proposed future states consistent with our mission and vision;
  2. Listing of the strategies for achieving the future state and the goals and objectives for addressing these strategies;
  3. Delineation of short and long term goals/objectives;
  4. Description of required actions, projects and tactics for achieving the defined goals including their scope, dimensions, resources and results;
  5. Description of requirements and method for obtaining approvals and moving forward including approach for achieving results;
  6. Business case for the actions, projects and tactics; and
  7. Breakout of costs and resources.

While the Board seeks the Committee’s input and guidance, the Committee does not have the authority to act for or to bind the Association in any way. The Committee should not hesitate to meet with the Board to provide preliminary information, seek further direction or provide progress reports. The Committee should let the Board members know of any questions and seek advice and counsel as needed.

The fact that the Board is creating the Strategic Planning Committee and conveying to it powers and duties does not relieve the Board and the individual members of the Board of their ultimate fiduciary responsibility. We must ensure the operations of the Association are carried out in the best interest of the unit owners, and ultimately we are responsible for all of the acts of the committees that we create.

Florida statute §718.112(2)(c)2., requires adequate notice of Board and Committee meetings posted conspicuously on the condominium property at least 48 continuous hours before the meetings except in an emergency, and the meetings are open to all unit owners.

Since this is an advisory committee, a formal record of the proceedings does not need to be maintained. A summary of the findings of fact or the recommendations will be sufficient, and the summary will be submitted as the Committee’s report to the Board.

The Board thanks the Committee chairman and members for their willingness to assist the Board and their fellow homeowners in this important project.

Board of Directors
Jupiter Bay Condominium Association



Jupiter Bay's Possible Future State
Goals Supporting the Vision

The Board’s Vision:

An enhanced lifestyle for the members of Jupiter Bay

12 Strategic Goals

Physical Assets:

   A. Clubhouse-type facilities for gatherings, meetings, special-interest clubs & social activities.

   B. Separation of business and recreational from residential areas.

   C. Attractive, well-maintained property with beautiful/consistent landscaping.

People Assets:

   D. Additional recreational and social opportunities and special events/trips providing a resort-like experience.

   E. Improved utilization of the skills and talents of the Association’s members.

   F. Resolution of issues involving parking, trucks, pets, security and staffing.

   G. Excellent in performing day-to-day Association maintenance and repair activities.

Financial Assets:

   H. Compensation/income for extra costs resulting from unit rentals (e.g., lease processing, parking permits, utility usage).

   I.  Full funding of reserves, and positive operating fund balances.

   J. Reduction in the cost of various Association and member goods and services.

Governing Documents & Communication:

   K. Updated Declaration and Bylaws that accurately reflect the current state of the Community and properly protect its members.

   L.  Effective and responsive communication to and from the Jupiter Bay homeowners. 


Jupiter Bay Strategic Planning Process


Jupiter Bay has begun its strategic planning process. The Association’s Mission, Vision, and Values (shown in the adjacent column) comprise the core of this plan.

Using these components as a guide, we will develop long-term (strategic) and short-term (tactical) plans. These will provide a roadmap for identifying, prioritizing and implementing actions for the benefit of our diverse Jupiter Bay community.


A Strategic Planning Committee will be formed consisting of Paul St. Clair (Board President), Doug Strong (Property Manager), Daryl Kosloske (Board Treasurer) and up to 5 owner volunteers for a maximum total of 8 members. The Committee will be charged with:

  • Identifying goals and objectives supporting the Mission, Vision and Values.
  • Defining and prioritizing objectives… showing resources, deliverables and timeframes.
  • Identifying required actions/tasks for accomplishing the objectives… what, who, where, when, how.
  • Analyzing and linking required resources… do we have the financial and human ability?
  • Establishing measurement criteria and evaluating results/outcomes. The Committee will use a business model, analyzing the Association’s Strengths and Weaknesses and its Threats and Opportunities to define a course of action for producing an enhanced end state for our Community.  Its deliverable will be a Strategic Plan presented to the Board.

We hope to start Committee meetings by May 19, so volunteers need to apply soon.  Meetings will be primarily by phone conference. Considerable time and commitment will be required by Committee members. Daryl Kosloske will be the leader/facilitator. Contact Daryl at 336-692-6091 or email: darylkosloske@aol.com

The Committee’s final plan/recommendations will be presented to the Board by September 30. The Board will make the final decisions.



Jupiter Bay's Current State/Condition






1.  30+ acres of prime real estate with low density construction.

2.  Adjacent to Carlin Park and the beach.

3.  Good property value appreciation ($44.5 M in 2012, $48.6 M in 2015)

4.  Proximity to fine restaurants, grocery store, shopping and theaters.

5.  Solid CBS building construction except for the villas.

6.  Good fire protection, especially in the East.

7.  Attractive community with good landscaping.

8.  Two well-maintained heated swimming pools and a spa.

9.  On premises restaurant (Beach House).

10. Jupiter Bay clubhouse use of the Beach House restaurant with planned 2nd floor banquet room use for Board and Owner meetings.

11. On-site tennis courts (JB and Tennis Club).

12. On premises lake with walking trail.

13. Elevator access to all building floors except for the villas.

14. Sufficient parking for owners, tenants and guests.

15. Top of the line gas grills at West pool pavilion.

1.  Increased elevator maintenance and repair issues particularly in the East.

2.  Ongoing building spalling issues due to close proximity to ocean and age of structures.

3.  Failing underground pipes (water, fire, irrigation).

4.  14 separate buildings with differing structures (East, West & Villas).

5.  Association office, maintenance shed, and golf cart parking adjacent to owner residences.

6.  Constant algae problems at West Lake. Lake water level is too shallow.

7.  Insufficient on-site facilities for card playing, exercise, social activities, and meetings. 2nd floor space in Restaurant not accessible to handicapped due to lack of elevator.

8.  Limited on-site recreational opportunities.

9.  Increased congestion in area due to Harbourside Place, Love Street project and others.

10. Possible security issues due to not being a gated community and limited (8:00 PM - 1:00 AM) security hours.

11. Possible restaurant failure from insufficient revenue to cover ongoing operating costs.

12. No covered parking, electric-car metered power supply or place to wash cars on property.

13. No secured area for parking of restricted vehicles such as trailers, boats (could covered cars be parked there).

14. No specified dog walking path with waste stations (property is open to the neighborhood).

15. Leaky air conditioning lines with unsightly new lines running up the outside of buildings.

16. Landscaping adjacent to units and buildings is very inconsistent from area to area.

17. Poor sanitation in dumpster areas causing rodent issues.

18. No convenient way to shut off water to multiple units or building. Main water shutoff valves for West buildings hard to turn off, except meter valves.

19. Lake dock was dismantled, due to insurance issue, but never rebuilt.

20. Insufficient lighting on waterfall and no lighted lake fountain.

21. Lawn sprinkler timing not synchronized with owner activities (e.g., using lake walkway).

22. Limited number of benches around lake. 






1.  Many residents volunteer to participate in community programs and events.

2.  Limited age variance among residents which facilitates relationships and comradery.

3.  Wide range of talents and experiences among homeowners. Much of this is untapped.

4.  Knowledgeable Association staff and Board members.

5.  Board focused on property and community wellbeing.

6.  CAM licensed Board President and Property Manager.

7.  Sufficient office and maintenance staff to address the Association’s needs.

8.  Good relationships with adjacent communities (Bella Vista & Sea Palms), rental agents, and the many (nearly 100) vendors that help maintain the community’s assets.

9.  Currently no major lawsuits.

10. Building Captain system with good potential.

1.  Multiple stakeholders with differing agendas.

2.  Few owners willing to consider board membership.

3.  Frequent feuds between owners and real estate agent. “Camps” of people.

4.  5% of the homeowners command the attention of 90% of the office and maintenance staff. Fuller participation is needed.

5.  Some owners quick to complain and criticize. In particular, Board members and the property manager bear the brunt of negative criticism.

6.  No discount for owners at Tennis Club.

7.  Controversy over outdoor entertainment at restaurant.

8.  Need to evaluate dumpster roll out/in procedure.

9.  Lack of structured/written safety procedures or OSHA training for JBCA staff.

10. No written maintenance, office procedures in place.

11. Building Captain system not vitalized or used to full potential.

12. No owner’s forum to share information or sell items.

13. No collaboration with surrounding condo association communities.

14. No survey of owner talents and skills. Limited owner willingness to volunteer and share these abilities.

15. Maintenance technicians have limited skills and lack certification in the required trades/skills.

16. Increasing number of investor-owned units is detrimental to primary and second-home unit owners.

17.  No staff growth/promotability or transition plan. 






1.  Over $1.3 million in reserve funds. Reasonable replacement cost and useful life estimates.

2.  Comprehensive Financial Policy document.

3.  Regular standardized monthly financial reporting.

4.  Well-structured and simplified chart of accounts.

5.  Financial records maintained using industry-standard (QuickBooks) software.

6.  Outsourced professional bookkeeping, landscaping, security, pool maintenance and lake maintenance.

7.  Very low quarterly dues delinquency rate partly due to the opportunity for rental income.

8.  All major expenditures are presented for approval at board meetings.

9.  All major projects and multi-year expenditures are supported by signed contracts. Multiple bids are obtained when necessary.

10. Comprehensive master insurance policies are negotiated for property, equipment and staff.

11. Payroll costs have only increased 5.3% over seven years.

12. Landscaping costs steady over the last six years ($140 to $145 thousand per yr.).

13. Due to cost reduction measures, telephone and electric costs are down considerably, 12% and 3% respectively over the past seven years.

14. Custom designed computer program/spreadsheets to facilitate and generate annual budget.

15. Online and ACH quarterly maintenance assessment payment options.

1.  Multi-condominium association with 9 sets of accounting records (master plus 8 individual associations).

2.  Even though the 6 West buildings are identical and could be combined, they are kept as separate associations.

3.  Owner maintenance fee increases averaging 2.8% per year, primarily due to increased reserve funding.

4.  Periodically high legal fees due to unnecessary lawsuits.

5.  Major utility cost increases each year:

  • Sewerage up 19.8%,
  • Trash Removal up 7.4%,
  • Cable TV up 5.1% &
  • Water up 4.6%.

6.  Citizens wind insurance up 7.8% per year.

7.   Overall operating fund balances were slightly ($4,426) negative on 12/31/15.

8.  No community (JBCA) wide internet pricing discount negotiated with Comcast.

9.  No owner discounts (for electrical, plumbing, painting, carpentry, appliance repair, etc.) negotiated with community (JBCA) preferred vendors.

10. Association receives no direct income from JB Racquet Club (tennis courts or restaurant).

11. No rental transfer fees for JBCA (inability to recover the cost of processing leases and issuing parking passes). 






1.  Florida has extensive condominium (718) statutes.

2.  Jupiter Bay has comprehensive and regularly maintained rules and regulations.

3.  Our governing documents adequately protect the status quo.

4.  New lease with the Jupiter Bay Racquet Club will provide the Association increased value and protection.

5.  Declarations usage clause provides good protection from loud vehicles/trucks, nuisances, pets, and unit appearance changes.

6.  Documents do not limit opportunity to lease units for income, allowing owner profit and reducing delinquencies.

7.  Comprehensive and well-maintained Association website.

8.  Regular publication of Newsletters to all JB owners.

10. Sufficient number of Board Meetings with presentation and discussion of important community issues. 

1.  Condominium documents (Declaration and Bylaws) are over 30 years old and need to be reviewed and revised as necessary.

2.  No rental restrictions (except for West C building).

3.  Governing documents make it nearly impossible to affect change:

  • 80% owner vote to change Bylaws,
  • 80% owner vote for material alterations to the property, and
  • 75% owner vote to change Declaration.

4.  Limited ability for JBCA to collect attorney “Defense of Foreclosure” fees.

5.  Too many pets on property with weight restrictions loosely enforced.

6.  Declaration paragraph 10.4 (Loud Vehicles or Machines) causes controversy regarding truck parking on premises.

7.  Declaration language regarding West “Recreational Facility” (consisting of pool, tennis & clubhouse) is confusing.

8.  Bylaws paragraph 9.13 requires the Annual Audited Financial Report to be furnished to owners within 60 days following the end of the fiscal year. FL Statutes allow 120 days.

9.  Limited owner use of website.

10. No effective systemic way of obtaining owner feedback.