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Here's some important information for the residents of Jupiter Bay.

Please reference other pages of this website for additional detail and/or contact the Association Office.



Restaurant Lease Update

Following the sudden, unexpected withdrawal of JBH RESTAURANT HOLDINGCO, LLC., from negotiations for the Master Lease of the Restaurant and Tennis Club, the Board of Directors was contacted by TUNA FAMILY TRUST, LLC, expressing interest in our restaurant and the tennis club. The Board of Directors worked diligently together with them and after multiple meetings, negotiations, consultations with attorneys, and deliberation, agreement was reached on the terms of the Master Lease. 

On Wednesday, May 15, 2019, the Board of Directors conducted a Closed Board Meeting to address all pending Litigation and to Finalize the newly Extended, Amended, and Restated Lease for the Restaurant & Tennis Club. The following motions were approved unanimously at the May 15th 2019 Closed Board Meeting: Motion 1.) Approval of the proposed settlement agreement and mutual release with dismissal of the lawsuit and all counterclaims and third party counterclaims with prejudice; thereby providing indemnification for the Association and the named individual Board members, subject to the execution and delivery of the Extended, Amended and Restated Lease by the Association and Tuna Family Management. Motion 2.) Approval of the Proposed Extended, Amended, and Restated Restaurant and Tennis Club Master Lease dated 05-14-19 between Jupiter Bay Condominium Association, Inc. and Tuna Family Trust, LLC.

Your Board of Directors is very pleased to announce that we have signed the newly Extended, Amended, and Restated Lease with Kenneth Gibbs and Rachelle Risley, a husband and wife team who have outstanding experience in the restaurant business. Their latest endeavor, "the Twisted Tuna" restaurant located in Port Salerno, Florida, has been very successful. Plans are underway to open our restaurant here in Jupiter Bay later this year as a new "Twisted Tuna" restaurant. More information with specifics about the restaurant will be forthcoming in the mail to you very soon. We are all looking Forward to having good times at our restaurant and tiki bar once again!  

Jupiter Bay Board of Directors 


2019 Budget Approved


The Jupiter Bay Condominium Association's Proposed 2019 Budget was approved at the November 14th, 2018 Budget Board Meeting.  The following budget information is posted on the Financial Page of this website:

  • Approved 2019 Budget Summary
  • 2019 Quarterly Maintenance Fee Chart
  • Downloadable version of the full 2019 Approved Budget

Budget information includes community common expenses and income & expenses for the eight individual associations comprising Jupiter Bay.  (11/19/18)



Lake Pumps & Water Line Replaced


Our Lake serves many purposes. It provides irrigation for the East, West, tennis courts, bocce ball court and restaurant. It also provides heat for the West swimming pool and water for the waterfall. During the winter dry season, especially with strong winds, it’s more difficult to keep the lake at its optimum level.

The lake is serviced by four pumps that automatically turn on when the lake water reaches a certain level. The pumps were working continuously 24 x 7 and still unable to keep the lake full. The problem was related to inefficient pumps and the water flow being constricted by aging pipes that were corroding shut. This created a significant back pressure on the pumps, causing additional wear and premature failure.

To resolve the problem, we replaced all 4 pumps and installed a new 6" PVC line between the four wells and the lake. The new line, located just to the west of the West D building, creates a more direct route from the wells to the lake. This resolved the low water level problem and reduced the running time of the pumps.


New Comcast Contract Approved


A new Comcast contract, which includes both TV and Internet services, was approved at the August 4th 2017 Board Meeting.

Following are the major components of the new contract:

  1. Property-wide service assessment by Comcast (Xfinity), and rewiring where necessary at no charge, even though we own the wiring from the wiring closets to the units.
  2. Upgrading of service and equipment to HD Digital Starter, including two X1 boxes with voice remote, one of which is an Any-room Digital Voice Recorder (DVR), and one HD Digital Adapter with remote.
  3. Installing the X1 platform, Comcast’s most advanced system available.
  4. Providing Performance Level High-speed Internet, with Wireless Gateway Modem. (Anyone can upgrade to faster speeds if needed, up to 1Gb this year and up to 10Gb later).
  5. Cutting the annual escalation cost from 5% to 4% for all services, including the Broadcast TV Fee, over the life of the contract.
  6. Free Home Health Check, and one-time install of the X1 system in each unit.
  7. Monthly rate of $62.95 per unit (overall discount of 65% off retail rate) for equipment & service, video & Internet.
  8. A one-time credit of $17,950 applied to the first quarter billing.

The following Letter, sent to all Jupiter Bay owners, provides further information regarding the new contract.  8/05/17

Click here to download Comcast Owner Letter

Bocce Ball Court Now Open


The ribbon cutting ceremony for the Association's newly-constructed bocce ball court was held on March 6th. This marks the conclusion of a two-year project to add another recreational facility to Jupiter Bay.
The Bocce Ball Committee led by Gary Weil with members including Gary Weibler, Henry Freda, Jack McColgan and Mike LaPaglia are to be congratulated for their perseverance. They succeeded in obtaining an 80% member approval, securing contractors who were able to do the work within budget targets, and successfully obtaining necessary Town of Jupiter approvals.

 Jupiter Police Message


Reduce victim -assisted crimes by 10% by taking the following simple steps:

  • Keep car doors locked even when unattended for short periods of time.
  • Don’t leave belongings in plain view; this is an open invitation to thieves.

  • Park and well-lit areas when possible.

  • Park where your car will be easily and frequently viewed (natural surveillance).

  • If you have an alarm or antitheft device, use it.

Report (Call 911) suspicious activity which includes:

  • Persons walking up and down the street and/or parking lots looking into cars or trying door handles.
  • Vehicles cruising the street and/or parking lots at very slow speeds for extended periods while observing parked cars or residences.

  • Persons making any kind of marker or placing anything on parked vehicles.

  • Person sitting in running parked cars for prolonged periods.

  • Vehicles dropping one person off while continuing to cruise the same area.


Car Break-ins


We experienced a rash of car break-ins early Wednesday morning January 3rd, hours after our security guards ended their 1:00 AM shift. Many cars from the East and West parking lots were broken into, and one car was stolen.

According to Jupiter police we were not the only area impacted, and break-ins also occurred in Bella Vista and other North County areas. Jupiter police were called at 4:00 AM Wednesday morning when an owner noticed suspicious activity behind the East D building. At that time five hooded individuals were observed climbing into a light-colored sedan in the East parking lot while hazard lights were blinking on a nearby vehicle. The suspicious vehicle drove around the East D building and onto Palm Avenue with its lights off.

Most or all of the burglarized cars contained valuables that could be observed through the car windows. It appears that the thieves’ goal was to quickly grab money, credit cards, or anything else that could be easily converted to cash. This reinforces the need to assure that no valuables are left in parked vehicles.

Association management, in conjunction with the Jupiter police, will continue to explore ways of further assuring the safety and security of our property. This incident shows the need for our residents to be particularly vigilant in protecting their property, being alert to suspicious activity, and to be willing to report any unusual occurrences to 911.

Jupiter Bay Board of Directors


FL Statute Fire Sprinkler Requirements

Florida statute 718.112(2)(l) says that all Florida condominiums must either be retrofitted with fire sprinklers or opt out by December 31, 2016 through a majority vote of its members. Buildings less than 75 feet high, which were previously exempt, are no longer exempt, even if they are a single-story building.

Only three of our 14 buildings (East A, East B & East C) have fire sprinklers within the individual units. According to the Palm Beach County Fire and Rescue Department, the fire sprinklers in the attic of the West buildings do not satisfy the fire sprinkler requirement.

A Written Consent to Action was sent to all Association members in early August for the opt out vote. As shown below, a majority of members from each of the eight condominium associations provided a positive opt out vote by the November 30th deadline:  11/26/16

Bldg. / Assoc.

Needed / Received
"YES" Votes

"NO" Votes



68 / 103




17 / 25



West A

17 / 25



West B

17 / 23



West C

17 / 27



West D

17 / 30



West E

17 / 27



West F

17 / 25



Paying Quarterly Assessments

There are four ways of paying quarterly assessments:

  1. With a check payable to “Jupiter Bay Condominium Association, Inc.” either sent, together with a coupon, using the mailing label provided or dropped off at any BB&T Branch location.

  2. Online through BB&T’s website using a Credit Card or eCheck.  This is for a one-time payment, and additional fees apply.

  3. By electronic funds transfer from a bank account via the Automated Clearinghouse (ACH) system which can be set up through BB&T’s website.  Once this set up is completed, the owner’s bank account will be debited quarterly on the 3rd business day for each assessment due until cancelled.

  4. Via your bank's Bill Pay feature.


The Association has recently added a website page to assist homeowners in determining the best way for paying their assessments.

Click here to access this Website's Assessment Payments page.

Police Service Calls - Jupiter Bay Area


Police Officers responded to a total of 54 calls for service during the year March 2015 to March 2016, an average of 4.5 calls per month, with November being the highest with 10.

Of those calls, 11 were for suspicious vehicles/persons/incidents, 10 for noise complaints, 7 for civil matters, 5 crashes, 3 vehicle burglaries, 2 thefts, 2 fire calls, 2 unwanted guests, 1 fraud, 1 neighbor call, 1 accidental injury call, 1 animal call, and 8 other (information) calls.

Residents are reminded to secure personal property in their homes, not their cars; lock up (homes & cars) and use alarm systems if you have them. Also, if you see something, say something. Call 799-4445 for the non-emergency situations, and if you feel threatened call 911.

Captain Miller hopes that the staff and residents of Jupiter Bay have a wonderful year.

Yours until 30JUN2016,
Captain Samuel E. Miller, District Three Commander

Jupiter Bay Financial Records


Comprehensive monthly financial reports are available for all months beginning in April, 2015. In April we introduced a standard format for our monthly financial reports consisting of eight sections: 1) Treasurers Report, 2) BB&T Check Register, 3) Balance Sheet, 4) Reserve Accounts Schedule, 5) Budget Versus Actual, 6) P&L by Class/Building, 7) A/P Aging Summary and 8) Past Due Report.

Arrangements can be made with the Office to review official Association records and all financial reports. Copies can be provided at a reasonable cost, and electronic copies are generally available. Summary data for the most recent month is posted on the Financial page of this website.

Jupiter Bay Board of Directors


Parking Permits


Jupiter Bay has taken additional measures to assure that all cars parked overnight on Association property have valid parking permits.  Our Vehicles & Parking Rule (#24) was expanded in May, 2015 to accommodate several specific circumstances:

  • In situations where the vehicle registration information is not known in advance, because the tenant or owner guest is picking up a rental car at the airport, the office will issue a partially completed parking permit, with the missing information added by the lease holder and provided to the Association office by the next business day.
  • Temporary 3-day parking passes can be issued by a rental agent for weekend walk-ins to be exchanged at the Association office for a regular parking pass on the next business day.

These new provisions have significantly reduced the number of parking violations. However, we’re still having to issue parking violations because of unreported lease extensions or car changes. Please remember that parking permits issued to tenants and owner guests must be properly displayed in the lower left corner of the windshield, have an unexpired date, match the dates on the lease, and match the car information provided to the Association office. New leases and new parking permits are required for tenants and guests who extend their stay. (8/16/15)


Screen Entrance Doors

Entranceway screen doors may be installed at the homeowner's expense. The Association has approved 11 screen door designs. All screen doors must be white.

Most or all of these doors are available locally from Pfeffer's Custom Aluminum Products, located at 17788 Brian Way, Jupiter, FL  (561) 746-0104.

Click here to view screen door options

Condo Damage Repair Responsibility

Recent events with a few homeowners who have requested Association reimbursement for damages to their unit require clarification of applicable policy. Florida Statute 718.111(11)(J) addresses this subject, eliminating any confusion regarding responsibilities for repair of damages to condominium units and adjacent common elements:

1)  For damages caused by accidental and unintentional (insurable) events:

  • The condominium owner is only responsible for repairing any damage within the boundaries (inside the floor slab and inside the exterior wall/ceiling drywall) of their condominium unit;
  • The Association is responsible for reconstructing, repairing and replacing any portion of the condominium (common) property, including drywall, support structures, utility lines, etc.; and
  • Repair of other (adjacent) damaged units is the responsibility of the respective owners of those units.

2)  For damages caused by intentional misconduct, negligence, or failure to comply with Association rules, the unit owner is responsible for the costs of repair or replacement of any portion of the condominium property not paid by insurance proceeds.  This includes the cost of repairing or replacing other portions of the condominium property including personal property of other unit owners or the Association.


Per FL Statute 718.111(11)(g)2  any reconstruction work that the owner is responsible for may be undertaken by the association and is chargeable to the unit owner and enforceable as an assessment.

Per the Association’s Rule #31, all unit owners are encouraged to obtain a homeowner insurance policy to cover damages to their unit.  An owner who has suffered a loss should report it to their HO-6 insurance carrier.  In addition, they need to complete an Insurance Claim Form, found on the Information/Forms page of this website, and provide it to the Association Management Office.  The Office will forward a copy of this form to the Association's Insurance carrier for their review for any coverage under our master policy. (9/27/14)



Rodent  Monitoring & Control

Owners are urged to follow the recommended practices listed in Association Rule #47, to help control pests within their unit.  We employ a certified pest control operator to regularly and periodically treat each individual condominium unit.  In addition the Board approved on May 7th a contract with Hulett Environmental Services to monitor and control rodents outside of the units.  The following link provides a copy of the proposal. (06/21/14) 

Click here to download Hulett Rodent Monitoring Proposal



Helpful Xfinity Information

 Select the link below to access helpful information about WiFi at the pool areas.

click here to download information

Board Meeting


The most recent Board Meeting open to the Association owners was held on Friday, April 26, 2019. The meeting minutes are posted for your review. They can be found under the Board Meetings tab. The minutes can be accessed by clicking on the link provided. 


2nd Quarter 2019 Maintenance Fees

2nd Quarter 2019 Maintenance Assessments are due April 1st. The amount due for your building/association is as follows:

  • $1,560 - East
  • $1,479 - Villas
  • $1,634 - West A
  • $1,602 - West B
  • $1,592 - West C
  • $1,593 - West D
  • $1,590 - West E
  • $1,616 - West F

Please note that emails are being sent to remind you of your Maintenance Fee obligation.  If any homeowner does not receive an email reminder but has a valid email address, please notify the office (or complete the form on the Contact Us page of this website) so that we can include you in future email notifications. 

According to our policy any payment received after the 1st day of the quarter is considered late. Maintenance fees not paid on or before the 10th of the month that the payment is due will be charged a $50 late fee and interest at the rate of 15 percent per annum from the date due until paid.  All payments received are first applied to late fees, interest, attorney fees and then to any outstanding principal.  Should you need further clarification please contact the office.


December 2018 Newsletter


The Condominium Association's December, 2018 Newsletter is now available and was mailed to Jupiter Bay owners. A copy is also posted on the "Newsletters" page of this website.  (12/02/18)


2017 Audited Financial Statements


Please be advised that our 2017 Audited Financial Report is complete and available to all owners.  If you are interested in receiving a copy:

  • You can download the report from the Financial Page of this website,
  • Let us know by email and we will email it back to you as an attachment.
  • If you are here on the property and would prefer a paper copy, please call the office in advance and we will print one for you to pick up.

If you have any questions, please feel free to call the office.


Annual Pest Control


Annual Pest control was conducted on July 6 and 7, 2017. Global Pest Authority along with Jupiter Bay Staff entered each Jupiter Bay unit to treat for ants, roaches, silver fish, and palmetto bugs.

Global Pest Authority used the same Boric Acid that they have used successfully for the last three years. Boric Acid is an all-natural pest control powder with no odor or staining concern. This annual service is effective and efficient allowing treatment behind walls, cracks, and crevices where insects could live and breed.

If any unit has one of the pest control problems mentioned above after this treatment, you may call Global Pest Control (561-512-4200) directly and they will correct it at no charge.

Successful pest control treatment requires that every unit undergoes this procedure. Please make sure the Association office has access to your unit for pest control and emergency repairs.  Submit a key to the Association Office if you have recently changed your locks.

Spraying outside the building on a monthly basis will continue.



Jupiter Bay Neighborhood Grant Work Completed

Palm Ave Island Landscaping

Villas US #1 Entrance Landscaping


On Tuesday May 3rd the Jupiter Town Council approved funding seventeen (17) neighborhood matching grants at a total of $61,544. The funding supports $919,615 in projects in those 17 neighborhoods.

Jupiter Bay was among the 17 approved communities and will receive the requested $3,780. We added $3,780.25 of our landscaping funds to this grant to complete three projects totaling $7,560.25. These projects added landscaping along Palm Avenue and at the US Highway entrance to the Villas (see pictures above). The projects also included a new sign for the Jupiter Bay Plantation Villas.

World Class Landscaping, who was awarded the bid by the Town of Jupiter, completed their landscaping work.


Storage Rooms

Per the Association’s Rule #2: “Storage rooms are for Homeowner’s use only.  Items allowed are bicycles, sports gear, beach toys, suitcases, hand tools, pet carriers and holiday decorations.  Appliances, mattress and bedding, lamps, kitchen cabinets, construction supplies and debris, furniture, tile, paint, TVs and anything not mentioned above are prohibited and will be discarded.”

With few exceptions owners should utilize the storage rooms located in the same building and floor as their unit.  Storage space is available on a first come basis; however, each unit owner is limited to the proportionate amount of space that they are entitled to according to the number of units on their floor.  Owners are individually responsible for their stored items, and the association bears no responsibility for their loss or damage.  Under no circumstances should any owner fabricate any cage, locker, or other structure within the storage rooms to secure their stored items.  Any such structure that is not removed within 10 days will be dismantled and removed by the association.

Thanks for your cooperation in this matter.

JB Board of Directors   (8/04/14)

Renter & Guest Registration

The Association office gets overloaded registering renters and guests when a large number show up at the office at the same time with incomplete paperwork or when forms are not submitted prior to arrival.  For this reason, as well as limited office staffing, Association personnel will no longer fill out Guest/Lease Registration Forms for rental agency clients.  Blank forms can be downloaded and printed from the “Information” page of this website or picked up at the Association office.

For Rentals; rental agencies need to assure that completed leases are provided to the Association office at least three (3) business days in advance of the intended occupancy.  Tenants must complete a Jupiter Bay Guest/Lease Registration Form and provide a copy of their drivers license no later than the conclusion of the first business day following their initial date of occupancy.  The office will charge $1.00 to copy drivers licenses when a copy has not been included.  The Guest/Lease Registration Form must specify the make, model, and license plate number and state of the car that the renter will be driving.  For a rental car, where this information is not known in advance, the renter needs to bring the information to the office when requesting a parking pass.

For guests; owners need to notify the Association office in advance of any guests that will be parking their car overnight on Jupiter Bay property.  The office can be contacted by phone (561-746-5857), email (jupiterbaycondo@comcast.net), fax (561-575-4334), or in writing to Jupiter Bay Condo Association, 275 Palm Ave D105, Jupiter, FL 33477.  The Guest/Lease Registration Form can be used to send us guest information.  The Association will not issue a parking permit to anyone without prior owner approval.

Both renters and guests need to be advised that our rules and regulations prohibit the overnight parking of pick-up trucks on site.  Motorcycles are not allowed to be driven on or stored on the property.  Parking passes will not be issued for trucks or motorcycles. Please remember that the lack of proper paperwork will cause a delay in obtaining a parking pass, and a vehicle without a parking pass will be towed from the property at the owner’s expense.  (5/22/10)

Jupiter Bay License Plates


For homeowners who are interested, Jupiter Bay License Plates are now available for purchase at the Association's Management Office for $15.00 per plate.

Accounting & Bookkeeping

The Jupiter Bay Condominium Association's accounting and bookkeeping functions are now being performed by Accurate Bookkeeping Systems, Inc.

Owners who have questions regarding their account should contact the Management Office from 8:00 AM until Noon and from 1:00 PM until 4:00 PM, Monday through Friday, at (561) 746-5857 or Accurate Bookkeeping Systems, Inc. (Linda) at (561) 747-2323.   (7/20/15)

Rules & Regulations and Financial Policy Updated

At the May 20, 2015 Board Meeting, motions were approved to accept updates to the Rules & Regulations and Financial Policy documents.  Please reference the May 20th Board Meeting Minutes from the "Board Meetings" page of this website for details.  The new Rules and Financial Policy documents can be downloaded from the "Rules" and "Financial" pages respectively of this website.

Further updates to the Association's Financial Policy were approved at the 10/21/15 Board meeting. (5/24/15)

Hurricane Preparedness & Recovery Plan

Jupiter Bay's 2014 Hurricane Preparedness and Recovery Plan is now available, and copies can be downloaded from the Information Page of this website.  All owners should familiarize themselves with this plan to assure proper preparation in the eventuality of a hurricane impacting our community.  (6/21/14)


No Smoking at Pools

Effective May 7, 2014 smoking is banned at the East and West pool and spa areas.  New "No Smoking" signs have been prominently displayed at each pool.  Also, remember that no glass containers or pets are allowed within the pool area.   (5/30/14)


Allegiance Security (Universal Protection Service, LLC.) provides security for our Association. Safety and Security is a Priority Focus Initiative that your Board of Directors feels very strongly about. In an effort to provide a security presence throughout the nighttime hours during the times when car-break-ins and thefts have occurred on our property, the first measure we have taken is to change and increase the hours of Security Coverage.

The Security Guard is on duty to patrol the property seven days a week. He will make frequent patrol rounds throughout all of the premises and has been directed to keep the flashing yellow light atop of the golf cart flashing at all times while in motion and also while stopping to assess or investigate unusual activities as they occur.  



Pool Maintenance

Crystal Blue Pools now maintains both the East and the West pools.  Previously, we were utilizing our maintenance crew to maintain the pool and an additional company to do repairs and chemical reading reports.  By consolidating services, we are achieving an annual savings.  The company’s schedule is Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.  Our staff continues to share in removing any sand / debris and keeping the pool clean on the days the company is not scheduled.  Please contact the office if you have any questions.

Jupiter Bay Condominium Tennis

Please observe the following rules when using the Jupiter Bay tennis courts located behind the East A Building:

  1. Courts are available on a first come first serve basis.
  2. If others are waiting to play, doubles can have a court for 1.5 hours and singles for 1 hour.
  3. The clock starts when all players of the group are present.
  4. Courts cannot be held if all players are not present and another group is present and ready to play.
  5. Shirts and proper footwear are required.
For our avid tennis players, please note that our tennis courts have been resurfaced.





Patio Barbecues


It has been reported to the Association office that there are some unit owners who are using grills on their patios.

Please note that the use of electric grills on the patio of a multiple-family building is allowed under state law.  However, gas and open flame grills are not allowed by state law and are subject to corrective action by the County Code Enforcement Board, and fines could exceed $250.00 per day.

Please refer to the Rules and Regulations on the Docs Page of this website.  Listed under Patios you will see that the use of open fires or gas barbecues on the patio is prohibited.  When using electric grills, you need to abide by Association rule #26 that "prohibits noxious or unusual odors that permeate to other units or the Common Elements and become annoyances or become obnoxious to other Unit Owners".  Grills may be reserved at the West pool.

The State fire code (NFPA 1;10.11.7 & NFPA1; 69.5,3.5) does not allow open flame, charcoal or gas grills on patios or the storage of combustibles, charcoal or flammable materials within 10 feet of the structure.  This measurement starts at the overhang of the building not the inside of the patio wall.

Should you be an owner who is in violation of the state fire code please take action immediately to comply and do not continue to use or store these items on your patio. 

Unit owners who are concerned should report violations to the Palm Beach County fire department at 561-616-7046.  (6/3/10)


Unit Owner Keys

During a recent annual pest control treatment, the Association was unable to access over 30 condominium units that had keypad locks installed.  Most were installed without notifying the office or providing keys.

Florida statute 718.111(5) says that “The association has the irrevocable right of access to each unit during reasonable hours, when necessary for the maintenance, repair, or replacement of any common elements or of any portion of a unit to be maintained by the association pursuant to the declaration or as necessary to prevent damage to the common elements or to a unit or units.”  Furthermore the Association’s Rule #5 says that “For pest control and emergency access, the Association must retain a pass-key to all units.  Whenever an Owner or agent alters any lock, or installs a new lock, the Unit Owner shall provide the Association with an additional key.”

The statute grants the Association right of access and our rule provides the means of complying with the statute.  To prevent key code disclosure and unauthorized unit access, the Board has unanimously decided to continue to require a physical key that we can protect in a locked key-control safe in the Association office.

Any owner who changes their lock and/or key without notifying the management office or does not provide a new key is in violation of the statute/rule and is subject to $100 per day (maximum of $1,000) fine per FL statute 718.303(3).  It is not our intent to impose fines, but have owners understand that we are obligated to enforce the rules and statutes. (7/18/14)