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Following is the Jupiter Bay Condominium Association's Website Policy:

  1. Purpose: To provide general policy regarding the content and maintenance of information on the Jupiter Bay website. All information published on the website must conform to this policy.

  2. Goal: The website's goal is to enhance Jupiter Bay community spirit, increase transparency regarding Association and Board activities, and promote inclusiveness of all owners.

  3. Objectives: The principal objective of the Jupiter Bay website is to communicate helpful information to condominium owners regarding the Association's corporate and organizational structure, staff/personnel, activities, events, meetings, newsletters, rules/regulations, schedules, finances and notices. In addition it promotes and informs the community by providing local town/community information and links to local government and cultural sites.

  4. Policy Overview: This website will not contain information that violates generally accepted privacy standards, is political in nature, is offensive to individuals or organizations, promotes any non-affiliated commercial establishment, or violates community standards. In publishing any information, consideration must be given to the fact that all of our unsecured website pages are available to all users of the worldwide web.

  5. Guidelines - The following is not permitted on Jupiter Bay's website:

    • Public disclosure of information of a private nature that can be viewed as invasive or detrimental to Jupiter Bay or its residents. Any information intended for access by owners only will be password protected.

    • Political information that supports a particular position, party or individual unless it pertains to condominium-specific legislation or policy.

    • Information, comments, photos, et cetera that our staff, residents, vendors or partner organizations could find inappropriate or objectionable.

    • The promotion of any commercial establishment, other than our tenants - the Sugar Cane Island Bistro and Jupiter Bay Tennis Club. This includes restaurants, for-profit entertainment businesses, health/fitness clubs, etc. However, the website can provide information on government, educational, cultural and not-for-profit businesses and organizations.

    • Any content that is inaccurate or misleading, violates ethics or laws, or subjects the Association to possible legal action.

  6. Site Maintenance: To ensure coordinated, consistent and timely implementation of website updates, all changes will be focused through and made by Jupiter Bay's Webmaster. An Assistant Webmaster will back up the Webmaster and provide website changes when assigned by the Webmaster. Site maintenance services will be voluntary and provided at no charge.

  7. Content Approval: All website changes, except for minor corrections/updates to current content, must be approved by the Jupiter Bay Condominium Association's President. Major and controversial changes need to be approved by a majority of Board members.

  8. Site Security: The web hosting service and software used for Jupiter Bay's website allows password protection of individual pages. These pages can only be accessed by a universally-assigned username and password. The username "JupiterBay" will be used, and passwords will be assigned, and reassigned periodically, via email notification to our owners.

  9. Website Committee: Consideration will be given for Board appointment of a Website Committee. If created, the Committee will be chaired by the Webmaster and will report to Jupiter Bay's Board of Directors. Its purpose will be to make recommendations regarding website content. The Committee members will also participate in gathering and preparing website information and content. Possible future updates could include Condominium Documents, Florida condominium statutes (e.g., FL Statute 718) , condominium legislative changes, preferred vendor lists, common area maintenance schedules, building restoration (spalling) priorities/schedules, web pages for our tenant organizations ( SCIB and the Tennis Club), etc.

  10. Future Website Design/Functionality: Opportunities will be explored for enhancing the Jupiter Bay Website. New website formats, design tools, development software, and security schemes will be pursued for continued improvement of the website's appearance and value to our residents.