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Following is helpful information to our owners who lease their units.

The Following Charts Show Jupiter Bay's Leasing Activity.


 Following is a Summary of the Chart Data

Condominium Ownership/Usage

 1.   199 condominium owners (55.4%) rent their units at least once.

 2.   160 condominium owners do not rent their units.

 3.   Approximately 85 condominiums are primarily owned as investments (rented 5 or more times), but may have some personal use.

 4.   19 owners own more than one condominium unit - 15 own 2 units, 3 own 3 units and 1 owns 4 units.  



 5.   1,788 parking passes were issued by the Association in 2013, 397 more than 2010.

 6.   890 rental leases were processed through the Association's Office in 2013.


Units Rented

 7.   Jupiter Bay units were rented for 40,368 days in 2013, 13,796 more than in 2010.

 8.   55.4% of our condominiums were rented at least once in 2013, up from 53.2% in 2010.

 9.   Villa units were most rented (62.5%), followed by the East (57.0%) and West units (53.0%).

10.  160 units were not rented at any time during 2013, down from 168 units in 2010.


Times Rented

11.  Most leased units were rented once (26.1%), 5 times (13.6%), 2 times (12.1%), 4 times (10.6%) or 3 times (8.5%).

12.  19 units were rented ten times or more during 2013.


Rental Periods

13.  The most typical rental period was from 1 - 2 weeks (36.1% of rentals) followed by 4 - 6 weeks (21.5% of rentals)

14.  89 rentals (10% of total rentals) were for less than a week.


Rental Agencies

15.  18 different rental agencies were used by JB owners in 2013, 3 more than in 2010.

16.  Jupiter Bay Resort Rentals was the primary agency used by 95 homeowners, followed by Jupiter Lighthouse Realty, which was used by 34 owners.

17.  The number of Owner rentals decreased by 66.7% in 2013 versus 2010.

18.  The number of Jupiter Bay Resort's rentals increased by 10.7% in 2013, and Jupiter Lighthouse Realty's rentals increased by 10.2%.

19.  37 owners elected to rent their units exclusively by themselves, and 43 owners rented their units themselves at least once.

20.  15 owners used more than one rental agency in 2013.


Leasing of Condominium Units

The Jupiter Bay Condominium Association does not lease condo units.  However, many of our condominium owners work directly through various local real estate agents for rentals.  Services provided by these agents vary from tenant referrals to property management.  Following is a list of local agents that are used by our owners.  None of these are affiliated with or endorsed by the Association.

Click here for a list of Jupiter Area Realtors

Jupiter Bay Rental Restrictions:

Please insure that your rental agencies, tenants, lessees and/or their guests are aware of the rules and regulations governing the rental of Jupiter Bay condominiums.

  • Renters may have pets in the units but must meet the weight restriction of 20 pounds or less .
  • Parking permits are required for all vehicles that park overnight on condominium property.
  • Vehicles cannot be trucks, boats, trailers, mobile homes, cargo vans, motorcycles, recreational vehicles or buses.
  • A one-bedroom unit is limited to occupancy by four persons, and a two-bedroom unit is limited to occupancy by six persons.

The Association can deny rentals for any unit whose owner is delinquent in paying assessments/fees.  Delinquency for rental purposes is defined as overdue payments for late fees, interest, attorney fees and/or assessments as of the rental application date.   The Association may also have the right to deny delinquent owners and their renters/guests use of common facilities and services including spa, swimming pools and cable TV.

A Guest/Lease Registration Form must be completed for each non-owner unit occupancy and submitted to the Association Office.

Guest / Lease Registration Form

Owners who wish to restrict smoking in their units should communicate this to their renters or rental agencies.  Although we do not restrict the number of days that a unit can be rented (except the C West building), most owners find that monthly rentals minimize wear-and-tear while still delivering needed rental income.  C West owners are restricted to monthly rentals only.

Rentals by Owner:

Some Jupiter Bay condominium owners who rent their units have elected to save the 15 to 20% rental agent commission and rent their units directly.  Although, this provides extra net income, it places additional responsibility and tasks on the condominium owner.  Tasks include advertising, tenant qualification, scheduling, lease execution, fee collection, tax payment, record keeping/retention and cleaning.  Fees include security deposit, rental and taxes.  Regardless of whether a unit is rented by an owner or agency, both county and state taxes must be collected on any rental of six months or less and forwarded, in a timely manner, to the respective government department.

Information for Palm Beach County

If you rent or lease accommodations for 6 months or less in Palm Beach County, you need to pay Tourist Development Tax (TDT). The Tax Collector collects these taxes on behalf of the Palm Beach County Board of County Commissioners.

  • The tax is 6% of the total taxable rental receipts.
  • It is an add-on tax and is collected from the tenant at the time rent or accommodation charges are collected.
  • The owner(s) of the rental facility is responsible to pay the tax to the Tax Collector.
  • The tax is due by the 20th of each month following the month the rent was paid.
  • Examples of accommodations include hotel, apartment-hotel, motel, resort motel, tourist or trailer camp, condominium, cooperatively-owned apartment, multiple-unit structure, single-family home, mobile home, garage apartment, beach house, cottage or room in a home used for living quarters.
  • In order to process the tax payment, you must file an application for a tourist tax number. The application is downloadable from www.pbctax.com.
  • Payment must be made in US funds.
  • Beginning in 2018 you can register, file returns, pay taxes and manage your account using a convenient, online payment center.
  • Failure to collect and remit Tourist Development Tax is a theft of state funds and carries felony charges.  A penalty will be charged if a TDT return is not filed by the due date, including those periods of no rental activity.

In addition to the Palm Beach County tourist development tax, the regular 6.0% state sales tax must be collected and sent (quarterly or semiannually based on annual amount collected) to the Florida Department of Revenue.

Remedies for failure to collect taxes include the issuance of a warrant, filed in Palm Beach County, which places a lien against the property.

*  Information copied from Tax Collector's Website.