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Jupiter Bay is a self-managed condominium association.  The Board of Directors works together with office staff to provide services for unit owners.  Board members are directly involved in all decisions relating to the Association's operation -- financial, common area maintenance, vendor relationship, contractual commitment and owner request.

This provides more direct influence and control by the condominium owners, through their elected representatives, in the day-to-day activities of the association.  It also provides greater transparency and significant cost savings.

Board of Directors

Paul St.Clair, LCAM
D-207 East
Vice President:
Marie Rapp
B-305 West
Frank Dalton
D-203 East
Frank Kania
E-202 West
Alma Bjorklund
C-404 West

Office Staff

Following are the members of Jupiter Bay's Office Staff:

Property Manager:
Doug Strong, LCAM


Margaret Dunstan
Administrative Assistant:
Sara Seidel

Maintenance Staff

Following are the maintenance staff assignments for 2015:

Buildings A, B, C, & D West
Building E West, Villas & Irrigation
Buildings A, B, C & D East
John F.
F West Building, Lead Tech & Special Projects

Remember to contact the office with any maintenance issues, work orders or questions at 561-746-5857.  Note also that work orders can be submitted online via the "Contact Us" page of this website.

Building Captains

Eleven Building Captains have been assigned, one for each building except for the Plantation Villas, that have one Captain for the four Villa buildings.  Here are the names of the Building Captains, and the following link defines their Roles and Responsibilities.

Click Here to download the Building Captains Roles & Responsibilities Document

 West Building A  Connie Falvo   East Building A Ronnie McEnerney 
 West Building B  Jim Brown  East Building B Phebe Bauer
 West Building C Tom Davis  East Building C Jim Murdock
 West Building D Bill Slater  East Building D Joan Renn
 West Building E Marcia Meaney   
 West Building F Lucille Galezo  Villas A-D Joan Esser

Fining Committee

In accordance with FL Statutes, “the Association may levy reasonable fines for the failure of the owner of the unit or its occupant, licensee, or invitee to comply with any provision of the declaration, the Association bylaws, or reasonable rules of the Association”.

A fine or suspension may not be imposed unless the Association first provides at least 14 days’ written notice and an opportunity for a hearing to the unit owner and, if applicable, its occupant, licensee, or invitee.  Alleged violators who do not request a hearing are presumed to concur with the fine, and the fine will be posted against their account.  Hearings must be held before a committee of other unit owners who are neither board members nor persons residing in a board member’s household.  If a majority of the committee members does not agree, the fine or suspension may not be imposed.

Following are the Fining Committee Members:

  • Judy Thomas
  • Tim Brown
  • Jim Murdock

Landscaping Committee

Following are the Landscaping Committee Members:

  • Jim Murdock - East Side
  • Bill Antilety & Chris Hawkins - West side 
  • Bette Nabal & Joan Esser - Villas